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Training Alert! Have You Seen Them?

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5 Storytelling Mistakes

Lessons Learned I wrote my first feature screenplay 16 years ago. It took only three months. To write. And then…

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Story, Story, Story at Location, Location, Location

Playing Around With nawmalMAKE After a couple of hours with nawmalMAKE, a 3D animation software, I created two quick pieces to…

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Is Instructional Design Dead?

This post originally was posted in LinkedIn. Recently, we had a passionate conversation on Twitter about the future of Instructional…

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NFL Concussions: What Are They Hiding?

There are hundreds of concussions in every season during the NFL games. It’s a manly sport, some say. My research…

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How to become a sought after poet in just 5 minutes (even if you never tried)?

“Instagram, comme un nez rouge. Lecture Aigle Books A Million Et avoir des relations sexuelles avec des hôtels de l’herpès…

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The Shocking Truth About Going Viral: Saddle Up

Let’s face it. We all have been there. Your funny status on Facebook, the hilarious picture on Instagram, the wittiest…