NFL Concussions: What Are They Hiding?

There are hundreds of concussions in every season during the NFL games. It’s a manly sport, some say. My research has found the silver bullet. But the NFL is silent. Why?

What is the NFL hiding?
What is the NFL hiding?

I’ve compared the concussion rate in the NFL to other sports to find out the root cause. The shocking revelation that in Golf there’s no statistically significant number of concussions (on the field, at least) lead to the conclusion that there’s something going on on the field field. Bid data analysis has found the answer.

Basically, you put tons of big guys on a small field. Of course, they bump into each other!!! Meanwhile, on the golf field, they need a CART to travel from place to place, not to mention that players even have helpers carry their stuff ’cause it’s heavy!! And for some reason, these golf fields are located at the worst places. I mean there are sand, swamp, trees, lakes players need to navigate. How stupid as that?

People! Wake up. We can kill two birdies with one touchdown here. Let’s just swap the fields. Football players will have plenty of place to run around reducing the risk of bumping to each other significantly. Meanwhile, golf players do not need to use carts anymore from one yard to another. Nice, smooth fake grass.

What about the manliness on the football? There are the trees, sand traps, bushes and swamps to get through. Problem solved.

Be smart out there, folks. Thanks for reading this.


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