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Articulate Storyline Variable xPorter

Why export variables? Have you ever wished you could export all the variables you created in Storyline? Maybe in an Excel sheet to document, share, or add explanations to them? (Because nothing is more

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Instructional Design TIPs 2017

2017 What a year! We’ve raised 5 minute microlearnings to the heights of registered deity, explored fantastic AR/VR experiences that will revolutionize learning one day (just because we’re

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Storyline as showstopper in Rise

Showstoppers are sometimes good! This example shows how to embed a Storyline interaction in Rise as a “showstopper,” meaning the user can’t continue with the Rise content until they complete

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xAPI Santa: what did you learn in 2017?

The story(line) behind xAPI Santa With the holidays on the corner, I rewrapped one of last year’s xperiment (xAPI) for the Articulate eLearning Heroes challenge. In this interactive piece, you send

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Who the [Bleep] is L&D?

My book, Engage the WORL&D!, is based on a thirty-day blog-writing challenge I did last year. My daily stories were self-reflections on learning via a-ha moments. After completing the thirty-day

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Published: Engage the WORL&D!

After a year of writing (which will be a lessons-learned post itself), my book, Engage the WORL&D! is now published. What best describes the book? A whimsical, brain-picking “meme-oir”

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11 STRANGER THINGS: Moving From Face-to-Face to Online

11 STRANGER THINGS: entering the upside down WORL&D of eLearning: So, your senior leadership has decided to move an instructor-led (ILT) course to online. It will save a lot of money, it will be accessible

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Simple AR: Bring Your Static Paper Alive

AR doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated, and resource demanding. Here’s an example of how you can bring static paper alive. Not only AR can add more digital information to a static environment,

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Advanced Storyline: Selecting With a Twist

Have you ever tried painting with a twist? The other day someone posted a question on Articulate’s eLearning Heroes community: “Let’s say I have multiple items I want the user to select

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Looking for an innovative, digital problem solver?

If you’re looking for an innovative, digital problem solver, let’s talk! I am ready for the next challenge to solve some of these problems below, using my 20 years of expertise in engineering,

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