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"Humans are engaged when their mind is challenged, not when they have to move their mouse."

Speaking with Lisa Minogue-White on 5 Design Steps on Learner Engagement for Humans

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Zsolt Olah

Welcome! Let’s engage the WORL&D!

“Viewer discretion advised. Reading this blog may lead to consequences: your WORL&D will never be the same.”

Zsolt Olah

Director, Innovation and Learning Solution at PDG (Performance Development Group)

Currently looking for the next adventure as a digital learning strategist! Contact me if you need someone to shape the future of learning at your company! (remote or Greater Philly)

Who’s the blog for?

Instructional Designers, Developers, L&D Managers, Workplace Performance Consultants, anyone interested and invested in helping people achieve their goals, sometimes via learning.

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Bio: Goldfish Attention Span Version

Certified boredom resuscitator with an emphasis of game thinking applied in learning: game-based learning and gamification (beyond PBL). Connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter @rabbitoreg.

Opinions are my own. However, if you have a business problem that requires learning as part of the solution, and you are open to creative, innovative solutions, let’s connect. I’m passionate about spreading the word in all shape of form. (By the way, the goldfish attention span is a myth.)

Bio: Longer Version

Three things have been always determined my career: curiosity about the human mind, passion about technology and life-long learning (about everything). I have an engineering degree (hence technology) and a teaching degree (hence life-long learning). My thesis was an artificial neural network I built in C++ that learned how to add numbers together just by showing examples over and over again (for geeks, using the backpropagation algorythm). Hence the mind.

Speaking Engagements, Workshops and Conferences

ASTD Philadelphia eLearning SIG – 2013
ASTD Philadelphia eLearning SIG – 2014
Articulate Roadshow, Philadelphia – 2015
ATD Philadelphia Learning Technologies SIG (online panel) – 2015
The Wharton School of UPenn: G.A.M.E (Gameful Approaches of Motivation and Engagement) by Kevin Werbach – 2015
ATD LearnNow Game Design Workshop – 2015
ATD TechKnowledge Conference, Las Vegas, NV – 2016
ATD Greater Philadelphia Regional Conference, Philadelphia, PA – 2016
ATD ICE – Denver, CO 2016
ATD Orange County, Game Thinking for L&D Workshop – September, 2016
eLearning Guild DevLearn, Las Vegas, NV – November, 2016
ATD TechKnowledge, Las Vegas, NV – January, 2017


What do I don’t do now?

I don’t train. Humans are perfectly capable of taking ownership of their own mind and cultivate it with whatever they want. My job is to enable them to do so by designing the best user experience.

I don’t develop. Developing talents reminds me of the old times: sitting a dark room and waiting for the film to appear. We are in the digital age. My job is to enable people to grow.

I don’t lecture.   If you can Google something in 30 seconds, why would I pretend the I am the source of all knowledge and I will release it to you in bullet points killing you slowly? My job is to facilitate learning via sharing information and providing engaging INTERACTIONS (as in inter – actions) that tickle the amydgala. Social and adaptive (personalized) learning is key.

I don’t make games. Well, this is a hot topic: gamification of learning and game-based learning. I don’t pretend to be a game designer. If someone wants to play Candy Crush Saga, they will play Candy Crush Saga, not a mediocre version of it for training. Gamification of learning (including game-based learning) is not throwing game mechanics into and on top a boring course to make magic. It’s an art, like making movies. Nobody says movies are real. They have the illusion of  reality (like when was the last time our hero spent five minutes trying to find a parking spot in the city), using key elements of reality but the purpose is not to compete with reality; it is to entertain yet make you think. Hence the mind again.

What I can do for you?

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