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Zsolt Olah

Let’s engage the WORL&D!

“Build business impact, not (just) courses!”

Zsolt Olah

Innovative business problem solver using the powers of modern learning and performance tools, technologies and best practices.

Author: Engage the WORL&D! ( learn more at www.engagetheworldbook.com)! Go ahead, pick my brain!

Speaker: next up is ATD TechKnowledge in San Jose, CA. You’ll find me at ATD Core4 in Philadelphia, and ATD International Conference and Expo in San Diego, CA.

Who’s the blog for?

Instructional Designers, Developers, L&D Leaders, Workplace Performance Consultants, anyone interested and invested in helping people achieve their goals, sometimes via learning.

Who am I?

Certified boredom resuscitator with an emphasis of human-centered thinking (design thinking, game thinking) applied in learning:  connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter @rabbitoreg.

I am passionate about people (whether they report to me or not), their ability to grow and develop. The best I can do is helping them achieve their goals. If you have a business problem that requires learning as part of the solution, and you are open to creative, innovative solutions, let’s connect. I’m passionate about spreading the word in all shape of form. (By the way, the goldfish attention span is a myth.)

Three things have been always determined my career: curiosity about the human-centered design, passion about technology, and life-long learning (about everything). I have an engineering degree (hence technology) and a teaching degree (hence life-long learning). My thesis was an artificial neural network (machine learning) I built in C++ (for geeks, using the backpropagation algorythm).

However, no technologies, tools, or processes are more important than the humans who operate them. Without human-centered design, we don’t solve problems, we just treat symptoms.

I am passionate about workplace learning engagement but it does not start with gamification: 

“What game elements should I use to make boring e-learning engaging?”  …is like asking “what words should I use to write a top-selling book?”

Wrong question.

Goal: What’s your business goal?

Measurement: How do you measure success?

Behavior: What performance behaviors drive that goal? What people should be doing to achieve that goal?

Obstacalities in the way: Why are they’re not doing what they’re supposed to? Why are they doing what they’re not supposed to?

… are much better questions before gamifying anything. 

Let’s connect!   


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