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Passive Aggressive Videos in Storyline

Not that passive-aggressive. I was just looking for the opposite of passive but aggressive sounded better. Business Case Have you ever had a video clip in your course that people watched “passively,”

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Prototype Challenge

CHALLENGE: Out of Compliance Issue CHALLENGE FOR INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS/DEVELOPERS (practicing variables, triggers and conditions) Business problem: Little Bunny FooFoo’s in-forest behavior is hostile

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Storyline Variables for Non Coders

“I’m not a coder. What’s a variable and who really pulled the trigger?” First, check out these two-minute clips to have an idea on variables: Why using a variable? Images, characters,

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JavaScript And Storyline: Timesaver

Controlling Variables from JavaScript I often have to use multiple True/False variables to keep track of things. Let’s say they are collectibles. If it’s true, you have it. If it’s false,

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Storyline Variables and JavaScript

In Storyline 2, you have the ability to manipulate/adjust variables via triggers and conditions. You might want to increase the player’s points when collect coins or something. For each of these

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How did I make the gamified video interview challenge?

Spoiler alert! If you have not yet, launch the paper-rock-scissors video interview first, before you continue reading how it was made. I’ll give you the design process as well as the major points

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