Prototype Challenge

CHALLENGE: Out of Compliance Issue

CHALLENGE FOR INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS/DEVELOPERS (practicing variables, triggers and conditions)

Business problem: Little Bunny FooFoo’s in-forest behavior is hostile towards field mice. She’s definitely out of compliance by picking them up and bomping them on the head.

Training Need: FooFoo needs to change her hostile behavior. She’ll be put on a performance improvement plan. She’ll be given three chances. If she does not behave (none out of three), she should be turned into a goon.

Who’s going to implement the plan: Good Fairy from HR

How behavior will be measured: given a choice of playing nice in the forest OR bumping field mice on the head, FooFoo will have to choose to play nice. If bomping is chosen, her chances should be reduced by one each day. Should she run out of chances, she is to turn into a goon, effective immediately.

Audience: All forest employees. This will be a mandatory training. Even for field mice.

Due date:  We’re already late.

SME Resource:

Show Your Work: Explain your way of thinking, decisions you made and the design behind your solution. 

Design Considerations: Create a prototype of this compliance training based on the following field mice head bomping policy:



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