5 Learnaways From ATD ICE 2017 for L&D

5 Quick Learnaways from ATD ICE 2017

Resources I promised for my augmented reality escape room session are here. If you need more resources from the conference, check out JD Dillon’s FlipMag and David Kelley’s curated page. The rest is something I took away from the conference to think about:


People are eager to move on from defining microlearning to actually implementing it. Here’s Clark Quinn’s definition.  I like Shannon Tipton’s approach of explaining the difference between “chunked eLearning” and microlearning. Yes, the length is a common theme but the point is that employees learn something to DO (make a decision or act) as a result of the microlearning. Now, this may sound like a learning objective but it’s more like a working objective. You learn something when and where you need to apply it. Microlearning doesn’t need a fancy platform (although, it does help if you have learning analytics monitoring and evaluating your process), and it’s more than cutting your boring eLearning into smaller “digestible” pieces.

My personal two cents on exploring microlearning is that you should stop reading about definitions and start implementing its guiding principles. Prototype. Monitor. Tweak. Repeat. And arrive early if you want to get into the session.


There’s no point of talking about “modern workplace learning” without changing measurement. If compliance is about making sure employees have a completion record in the LMS on the annual safety eLearning with its 10 question quiz at end, then it’s a long way to go… However, if you do care about compliance, as in actual decisions and actions employees make and take to comply with regulations, then you’re talking about real value. JD Dillon has some wise words about value here.

I also participated in the first TDLC live chat run here by Sam Rogers. We talked about L&D and its value, potential and future. I also was questioned about my ability to write screenplay and songs.


Great after conference conversation with award winner Trish Uhl in Hotlanta on resilience and its impact on workplace engagement. Resilience is known as the art of bouncing back but it’s more than getting up from the floor. The art is about adapting to the challenges. I called this adaptive resilience in my upcoming book: THROUGH THE LOOKING CLASS (AND THE WORL&D LI DOE FOUND THERE). Here’s the six traits Li Doe (Last ID On Earth) is mastering to escape the silo and lead the L&D folks to the light.


Lunch with Karl Kapp, Carol D. Clark and Anders Gronstedt turned very quickly into a passionate discussion about games and gamification. As you may know, I’m a big proponent of saving the human brain from the palpable mental damage of boring learning. BUT! Asking the question what game mechanics should you use to make learning engaging is like asking what words should you use for you next book to be a success. Asking the right questions are the key to success! Isn’t gamification just sugarcoating boring eLearning has more on this here.



Meeting fellow geeks IRL (in real life) is the best professional development you can get. It’s like the microlearning of networking. I had a chance to chat with Tom Kuhlmann, David Anderson and Trina Rimmer from Articulate, Shannon Tipton, Chris Coladonato, Ashley Chiasson, Priyanka Chopra, Matt Pierce and many more. Even Michelle Ockers showed up on a stick for my session!!!

As far as the Expo, I’ve been following companies exhibiting for years now. The booths are getting bigger and more elaborate to attract visitors. There are hundreds of companies showing their progress each year. This is absolutely personal but if I have to single out three that you should check out based on their product:

  • EdCast
  • UMU
  • TrueScribe

Discussing Rise with Trina.


Thank you so much for attending my session at ATD International Conference and Exhibition! Special thanks to those who helped me setting up the giant ballroom (you know who you are) and the international delegations who didn’t even want to stop when the time was up.

Humans get engaged when their mind is challenged, not when they have to move their mouse. 

P.S. I “met” Kelly McGonigal.


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