Storyline – Construct 2 (or any webobject) Integration

Passing and Receiving Variables (Storyline and Webobject)

Back in January 2016 I had a session on Storyline integration with Construct 2 game engine at the ATD TechKnowledge conference. A full page was dedicated to the session made in Inkling. While it lasted it was a great resource. However, as I changed jobs, my account was removed and so the whole integration package is gone.

Some people were asking still about the downloadable zip file. Here it is.

[thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=”]Download Zip[/thrive_link]

And here’s the demo for the integration package:

[thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=”]Launch Integration Demo[/thrive_link]



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