Articulate 360 From A Different Angle

Articulate 360

As you probably know by now, Articulate has released Articulate 360 this week. There’s lots of great articles already on new features in Storyline, the template library, the review tool, etc.

What I wanted to do is approach the release from a different angle (although, 360 kind of covers all angles).

From L&D leadership’s perspective: how can I show value to the business using Articulate 360?

I went through many of the exciting new features the release offers and picked one particular application and business problem. You may or may not face this business problem but I’m sure at some point in life, you were told that you’re slow to react to the business.

All Rise!

Rise is an online, responsive tool you have in your toolkit with Articulate 360. In minutes, you can create content that looks good on any devices. What’s the business value for L&D to show? I figured the best way to describe it if I put together a Rise example in 10 minutes to demonstrate (my initial limit was max 15 minutes to work with the tool).

And here’s another quick example, an abridged version of the Engage the WORL&D framework.




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