"Humans are engaged when their mind is challenged, not their mouse."

5 Design Steps for Learner Engagement and Motivations for Humans

James Bound


Welcome to #Jamification!

The following people are either current or past ATD presenters, L&D leaders, or super smart jame/jamification minds (+ myself). Either way, you should know them! Not just because you learn from them but because of James Bound.  #atd2016


Epic Calling

Breaking News: Time is ticking! Lenore is lost. James Bound is clueless. Who’s behind the Raven? Help needed with the encrypted scroll!

Secrets Revealed

Lenore has discovered the following just before the Raven intervened. Who’s behind each secret? Someone here…

…completed several marathons and triathlons, raising over $10,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).

…has YouTube videos featuring birdhouses, potatoes, dogs & cats but not seashells.

…is the lead game designer of the game, A Paycheck Away, a game about homelessness.

…was, briefly and unknowingly, a member of a Korean yoga cult.

…was a competitive ice skater until age of 18 (did triple jumps, spins, etc.)

…at her/his first job was programming robot arms.

…was an Army Tae Kwon Do champion.

…portrayed the roles of a 1930s gangster and bank-robbing western bandit.

…worked one summer as a Scottish barmaid.

…has “Wonder” as her/his favorite emotion.

…is an ice hockey goaltender.

…can play the violin on the back of her/his head.

…competed on and served as coach for her/his college surfing team.

…had a screenplay, Waltzing Kingdoms finishing as a finalist in an international writing competition.

…was born in a tiny fishing village in the province of Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada.

…is a huge NASCAR fan and watches practically every race.

…had a favorite recess game growing up, called “the blob.” A giant collaborative tag game where when you’re caught, you hold hands with “it.” Until “it” is a dozen kids holding hands chasing the last player.

…started gaming the system as a teenager when at the age of 15 got their first job by telling the employer that he/she was a college sophomore. The good news is that she/he was quickly promoted to a manager and actually worked their way through college with that same employer.

…who moved to LA and briefly worked in stunts. And was lit on fire.  Accidentally.

…used to teach JuJitsu.

…recently returned from a trip to Piz Gloria, the notorious hideout of James Bond villain, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. in the Swiss Alps at the Schilthorn.

…started her/his career as a television producer..

And so it begins...

The quest bound is now open. James Bound needs your jamification expertise.

  1. Download the Actionbound app.
  2. Scan this QR code to start.
  3. Assume your identity.
    There are 6 stations in the app. In order to complete all of them, you must be at the ATD ICE conference in Denver. You may, however, skip some quests and complete the bound impartially for less points.