Brain-Based Application Systems Training

Guess What!

Test your guessabililty! Imagine you’re learning a new software application your company is rolling out. Read what you hear. Then guess what your brain is thinking… This is a brain-based application systems training quiz.

[thrive_accordion_group title=”Guess what the participants’ brain think when they hear…”][thrive_accordion title=”This will give you a solid foundational knowledge on the software application. Closer to the launch date, you’ll receive role-specific instructions” no=”1/1″ default=”no”]


Lunch? Somewhat said lunch?


[thrive_accordion title=”Your screen may or may not look like the ones in this training, depending on what features your company has turned on or off.” no=”1/1″ default=”no”]

Did I leave the stove on??? Or off??


[/thrive_accordion][thrive_accordion title=”Right-click and select help to learn more about this dialog.” no=”1/1″ default=”no”]


I don’t want to learn more about this dialog! I already know I hate this dialog.

[/thrive_accordion][thrive_accordion title=”So, this is only a half-baked alpha solution of Release 1. Release 2 will solve many of the issues you’re experiencing in the next six months. We’re doing agile, so each sprint we will be able to decide not to do anything about it. Now, let’s make sure you’ll remember these workarounds.” no=”1/1″ default=”no”]


Then why don’t we wait until this thing is actually working?

[/thrive_accordion][thrive_accordion title=”The following interactive simulation allows you to practice working with the application. Click here. Click here. Click here. Click here. Type TEAMS in the search field.” no=”1/1″ default=”no”]

What if I typed bullshit? Look! It worked! It doesn’t matter what I type.


[thrive_accordion title=”The application has a role-based workflow. Unfortunately, my login only shows the reviewer view, so I’ll make sure I will point out the differences on each screen.” no=”1/1″ default=”no”]

She liked my tweet!!!







Seriously, systems training on generic content, far away in time of the actual launch, no context, half-baked flow… If you can, create short, task-based demos relevant to roles that can be accessed on-demand. Best to use worked examples in a training or sandbox environment with a support line to ask questions. Don’t waste your time on step-by-step “show-me-try-me” clicks. By the time you build one, it’s outdated.


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