Random ID in Storyline

Using JavaScript to Create Random IDs

I wanted to share a quick solution I showed the other day for solving the following challenge: how to create a random ID (alphanumerical)? In this case, it was for a certificate.

  1. Create a text variable in Storyline (let’s say randomID)
  2. Add a JavaScript trigger
  3. Copy the following JavaScript to create a 12 digit alphanumerical upper-case ID:

    var x1 = Math.random().toString(36);

      var x2 = Math.random().toString(36);

      var x3 = x1.substr(2,6).toUpperCase()+x2.substr(2,6).toUpperCase();

      var p = GetPlayer();



    Caveat: random does not mean unique. Using Math.random (with 6 digits) provides a number between 0 and 1 that passes the statistical test for randomness but after a certain number of draw, you may encounter duplicates. That’s why I used 12 digits.  You can change the number of digits by changing the number in substr(2,6) from 6. You can set any number between 1 to 8 safely. That is the number of digits you will get in the ID.


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