Looking for an innovative, digital problem solver?

If you’re looking for an innovative, digital problem solver, let’s talk! I am ready for the next challenge to solve some of these problems below, using my 20 years of expertise in engineering, computer science, instructional design, and leadership:

  • Ineffective learning solutions (too slow, too late, no impact)
  • Boring eLearning
  • Client wants microlearning but they don’t know what it should look like
  • Your onboarding looks and acts like a info dump
  • Frequent training requests for problems that are not (or only partially) training related
  • Highly interactive learning means drag and drop and click and reveal (it’s not)
  • Gamification turned out to be handing out badges (but nobody really cares), and points (sad face)
  • Technology and business change so fast there’s no time to catch up with learning/training
  • You still couldn’t figure out what to do with xAPI
  • You’ve never built an AR/VR solution (but you’re supposed to)
  • Team needs to cut the fads and apply solid, evidence-based instructional design

Does any of these sound familiar? Let’s connect! I’m available for full-time.

  1. Print out the digital resume above. 2) Download the augmented reality app, Zappar. 3) Scan the image for more info.

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