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L&D Unite: Around the WORL&D in 80 Hours!

Dear Total Stranger!

You don’t know me. You’ve never met me. Maybe you never will in real life. My name is Zsolt.

There’s so much hate, anger, and divide out there in the world! Partly, because loud and noisy people dominate the news and air. There’s also a more peaceful world out there with people who don’t scream empty words and angry tweets, but silently keep doing good things. Sometimes to total strangers by paying forward.

It is a small world, we are all connected! Even if we are total strangers! If you’re in L&D, here’s a gameful challenge to show unity with other strangers out there.

Let’s travel around the WORL&D in 80 hours!

Jules Verne’s book, Around the World in 80 Days, is one of my favorites. In the book, Mr. Fogg travels around the world in 80 days, visiting several countries. He leaves London on October 2nd. Throughout his journey, he meets total strangers in far away foreign lands. Today, we don’t need 80 days to travel! I bet L&D can do it in 80 hours.

I bet L&D can do this in 80 hours!

Zsolt Total Stranger

That gave me an idea to create a challenge of visiting five major cities Mr. Fogg stops by in the book. Of course, online, through a clue hunter app! I posted on LinkedIn to see if there would be anyone helping me in those cities. I got an overwhelming response, not only in the cities mentioned, but asking how we could extend it to other places.

I wasn’t sure how to extend this challenge to other places… Until I stumbled unto a total stranger’s awesome blog from years ago:


Now we’re talking! Thanks to Rebecca’s work, all places mentioned in the book are mapped. So, instead of targeting the five major cities, we’re going to include various other places within a country.

Here are the rules for the challenge now:

UPDATE: We’re moving the start date to the Spring time!

  • Before March 21st, 2018 we’re collecting players for the team. Strangers from all over the WORL&D.
  • On March 21st, 2018 the hunt will open in the ClueKeeper app.
  • Players will need to find locations at nearby places mentioned in the book, and take a selfie.
  • First clue to a location is in London, UK.
  • All other clues are locked.
  • There are multiple locations in a country. At least one of them must be found before the next country is unlocked. That means you will rely on other strangers.
  • A timer is ticking. After 80 hours, the hunt is closed. We’ll see if we make it back to London on time.

If you live near any of these locations, and you’re interested in uniting strangers of the WORL&D, sign up! More to come.

Thanks for reading, Stranger!



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