Jump Wars: Storyline, GameEngine and xAPI

As the storyline goes: In a far, far away LRS… Knowledge is trapped in the gray matter. The sleeping Forces must be awakened. Rumor is, there’s a courageous player out there who can face the ultimate challenge: sending the statements to the LRS via xAPI. Dangerous jumps ahead. Are you the one? Two minute of your time will affect everyone else in the universe. Jump in! Welcome to JUMP WARS!



The first edition of Jump Wars takes you to a far, far away LRS (Learning Record Store). As you jump your way in the galaxy for two minutes, you collect Forces. Forces help you boost your energy and give you points. However, not all Forces are equal. The more you “use” a Force, the less points you get from them. And here’s the beauty of xAPI and LRS: Forces are ranked across players. Your actions will affect the next player! Each time you launch the game, the LRS decides which Force has been used most so far across all players and rank them for your game. Doodle Jump meets Star Wars. Jump in!

This is first edition. Expect bugs. The Dark Side will never sleeps.

[lti-launch consumer_key=xtayw2m60J3N4JBalnII secret_key=nMshHJZZfOl7EWcfLTSZ display=iframe configuration_url=https://rabbitoreg.waxlrs.com/lti?u=https://rabbitoreg.waxlrs.com/embed/mostpopular resource_link_id=r1]

2 thoughts on “Jump Wars: Storyline, GameEngine and xAPI

  1. Nice use of Construct 2 and xAPI!
    One downside to using xAPI data from other players to alter the game is that data gets exposed.
    With a few clicks I can see every user’s activity and email address.

    1. James, thanks for commenting! Yes, this example is just a prototype. I’m not even checking the emails for formatting (even for a “@”). For internal training and an ID would be perfectly enough without exposing personal data. Also, we would have to look into some encryption as well.

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