When I ruled the world…

Have you ever been a King? A Ruler?

Tremendous responsibility. Dangerously long hours and no vaca. Good perks, though. Well, play this Demo to experience the role of a Ruler if you dare to roll the dice.

When I rule the world In a previous post (Advanced Storyline) we’ve looked at the idea of using a mini-game within Storyline. Here’s a demo that actually does that. It’s a simple “dice” game where you need to guess the total amount between your and your enemy’s dice roll. The framework is built in Storyline, while the mini-game itself is built in Construct 2 (for real game designers out there: this is about gamifying learning content not designing “real” games. I would not venture in that territory. The goal is simply to make elearning engaging.)

This is a work in progress but it is now functional, so I figured I’d share. Updates are coming soon.

Play around with the Demo here if you have not yet and then read on if you’re interested in what’s happening.

What’s happening?

In the Storyline framework, you select an enemy. Each enemy has three characteristics: the number of dice you roll with them, as wells the power and smart attributes. Once you select a character, Storyline passes this information to the game (which is an embedded weboject). The game then adjusts the number of dice and prepares the board for three rounds. For the demo purposes, physics are used to simulate the dice roll. Depending on the selected enemy’s attributes, you may or may not see what they roll. Also, playing against a smarter enemy may result in some deceit referring to  “never an honest word” in the Coldplay song. (I’ll leave you to figure out where that comes into play…) The messages you see in Storyline are coming from the game as well. The information is passed to Storyline, which is watching a trigger change and updates the character’s message in return. At the end, based on the result from the game, Storyline automatically jumps to either the Happy End slide or the Sad End slide.

More to come on details…




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