Multiple Storyline Blocks in Rise

Storyline in Rise

Articulate Rise can now embed a Storyline block for interaction. Someone asked me if it’s possible to have multiple Storyline blocks in a page. The challenge with multiple ones is that if they have audio going, they won’t stop unless you pause it manually. That means if you start a Storyline interaction in Rise, and then scroll down to the next one, the previous one still playing the audio. If you start the second one, you’ll hear both audio going. (At least, I couldn’t figure out how to stop this out of the box. If you know an easier way to do that, please share it!!!)

So, how to deal with multiple Storyline blocks?

Try this example first:

As you start the page, you’ll see the first Storyline block. Click to start playing the music. It’s long enough, so you can test out multiple blocks.

Then, scroll down as if you were actually reading the dummy text. By the time you scroll down here to see this lovely quote, the embedded Storyline’s timeline should pause, therefore, no more music going.

Finally, scroll all the way to this old tape and start playing my message.

If you scroll down even further, this Storyline’s timeline pauses as well. There’s a third one at the bottom. You can play that and try to scroll up.

All in all, there should be only one Storyline block going at a time.

Detailed explanation is coming soon…



1 thought on “Multiple Storyline Blocks in Rise

  1. Hey Zsolt

    Love you work!

    Getting this error when trying to implement

    if (p[0].contentWindow.GetPlayer) { // Uncaught DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin “null” from accessing a cross-origin frame.

    This is locally and live

    Is this an issue you encounter when trying to access storyline in Rise?

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