xAPI Gift: You’ve Got Prezy

Santa had an idea!

What if you could leave a prezy to your fellow L&D peeps? It would work like this:

You tap the magic red tape and leave a message. Something you learned in 2016.

And hit GO! With that, your message is gift wrapped, courtesy of Scirra’s Construct 2 game engine and delivered via xAPI to Wax LRS. Now, at this point, anyone who checks out Santa would see the prezy.

Looks colorful? Take a snapshot!

If you click/tap Santa in the lower-right corner, he takes a snapshot of the colorful prezies and downloads it to your computer as an image (or on your phone).

This experiment was just a hands-on exercise how to combine xAPI, LRS and a game engine to visualize social connections. Imagine you need to build something together as a group. Let’s say a rocket. Each time you enter a comment, feedback, idea, etc. and share it with the group, you get a piece of the rocket. You can then drag and drop the pieces and build the rocket. Or a puzzle. The point is collaborate.

Try it!

Here’s where you can leave a prezy for other L&D peeps:

[thrive_megabutton mt=”Leave a Prezy” st=”” color=”blue” link=”http://rabbitoreg.com/prezy/” target=”_self” align=””]




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