Visual Engagement: Building Animated Stories

Several people asked me about the funny, animated video clips I made about Articulate Storyline below.

Behind the scenes

The clips were made in GoAnimate. GoAnimate is an online application that allows you to create animated stories quickly. With a library of sets, styles, characters, props and actions, you just drag-and-drop your creativity into a story. There are other apps like GoAnimate online, we used this one for flexibility reasons. (Different style but worth checking out: Plotagon)

You select a template or build your story from scratch. The scene above is from the second clip. Besides the ready-made backgrounds and props, you can also upload your own images. Like the pictures from Storyline.

We used the Whiteboard Animation and Comic style quite a lot.

Each character has emotions you can apply and actions they can perform. Actions vary from daily life activities through dancing or crying. Even random things like the ice bucket challenge.

The timeline consists of scenes that seamlessly flow into one another. You can copy and paste a whole scene and then just edit the details you want after. Each scene can have entry, exit and movement actions on each element.

Although, in my clips I didn’t use it, there’s lip-syncing available as well. At the end I published the animations as mp4 video clips. Have fun!


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