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Archive Monthly Archives: July 2016

Behind the Scenes: DeminGO and Game Thinking

In one of my previous posts, I created a playful DeminGO simulator. If you haven’t tried it yet, I would suggest playing a little with the solution before you move on. This post is about the secrets

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The Powerful Secret Behind Your To Do List

Accomplishments feel good! Like cancelling a dreaded meeting, postponing a gym class because it’s raining, deciding not to write that first paragraph today! Love it! It feels good not to do something. We

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Training Alert! Have You Seen Them?

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Play DeminGO!

UPDATE: I also posted the behind the scene design and development here. DeminGO (not to be confused with Pokémon GO) is a silly-simulation. It was created for the eLearning Heroes Challenge here. In this

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Math Example for Storyline (JavaScript)

  Math is better than Match.com? If you’re new to triggers, conditions and variables in Storyline (first of all, you should check this out), you might want to explore a little of the magic of

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Gamification for L&D

5 points to remember for instructional designers when applying game thinking to learning Overall, start with game thinking in mind, not gamification or game-based learning. Focus on the angle based on

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Think 80’s! Guess the song (JavaScript and Storyline)!

In a previous post, I showed how to add a YouTube video in Storyline via YouTube iframe API. This is a simple implementation of the same concept WITH a TWIST. One clip is from YouTube, the other is local.

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