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Realistification vs. Gamification vs. Game-based Learning

Confession. Okay, confession. “Realistification” is not a real word. Made-up word. I made it up. But so was Gamification at some point, and look how main stream it is now! In fact, it’s so hot that the next season of Game of Thrones is rumored to be retitled as Gamification of Thrones. Yet, there seems to be a […]

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Storyline Communication with a Web Server

How to send data to a Web server? There are times when you want to send score, variables, visited pages or quiz results to a Web server. You can then store the data in a database on the server. This demo shows a very simple implementation of sending and receiving data via JSON. If you’re not […]

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Voice Recognition Experiment

Speaking of multiple choice… This is really just an experiment at this point. But… What if you could SAY your answer to a question? Instead of selecting from four options? What if Storyline would recognize your answer and then react accordingly? Generally, two types of people are reading this blog. If you’re Type A, you completely skip […]

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