Gamification in ILT?

I have two examples that is more of a blended learning within ILT. They both belong to the game-based assessment category.

The first one is a trivia challenge we created. Two groups took the trivia questions as an assessment. A leaderboard showed their scores. But that’s not where it ended. We then asked the two groups to create their own trivia questions and answers for the other group. Creating questions is a higher cognitive function that just picking the correct answer.

The questions were approved by the facilitator. The two groups then took each other’s trivia challenge. We announced the overall winner. And didn’t end there. What we did not tell the participants is that we recorded every question and answer in the backend, and we were able to produce a list of topics to review based on the incorrect answers.

The other example I wrote in detail about in an elearning industry article.


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