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Storyline Magic: Single Slide, Dynamic Sorting Items, Customized Feedback, Change Without Republishing

Drag and Sort Articulate Storyline provides drag and drop question type activity out of the box. You simply add a…

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Action Mapping Tool: Mighty Cards

Cut the fluff Cathy Moore’s action mapping is one of the most useful processes/concepts I’ve seen and used in my…

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Articulate Storyline: text entry without losing focus

Business Problem When you use a text entry object in Articulate Storyline, the text you type in the field does…

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Brain-Based Application Systems Training

Guess What! Test your guessabililty! Imagine you’re learning a new software application your company is rolling out. Read what you…

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Reflection on (micro)learning

REFLECTION ON LEARNING You may see your reflection in the Scope Creep Creek, a man-made outdoor swimming pool, any time….

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Random ID in Storyline

Using JavaScript to Create Random IDs I wanted to share a quick solution I showed the other day for solving…

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Articulate Storyline Variable xPorter

Why export variables? Have you ever wished you could export all the variables you created in Storyline? Maybe in an…

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Instructional Design TIPs 2017

2017 What a year! We’ve raised 5 minute microlearnings to the heights of registered deity, explored fantastic AR/VR experiences that…

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Storyline as showstopper in Rise

Showstoppers are sometimes good! This example shows how to embed a Storyline interaction in Rise as a “showstopper,” meaning the…

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xAPI Santa: what did you learn in 2017?

The story(line) behind xAPI Santa With the holidays on the corner, I rewrapped one of last year’s xperiment (xAPI) for…