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"Humans are engaged when their mind is challenged, not when they have to move their mouse."

Speaking with Lisa Minogue-White on 5 Design Steps on Learner Engagement for Humans

JavaScript: Escape the Jungle

Articulate Storyline encourages you to be an escape artist. Some of the more complicated projects may seem like you’re in the jungle of variables, triggers and conditions. The following trick may help you escape the jungle (somewhat) faster than normal. Before we get into the how, I suggest you play the Escape Game first. This […]

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“Utilizing Gamification”

I have another accomplishment to put on my resume: “lampo di luce!” Of course, there’s a story behind it. I was honored to be included in a list of talented eLearning pros in Tom’s blog this week, 8 E-Learning Developers You Should Follow. Tom referred to me as the “zsolt of lightning” with creative ideas […]

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Technology-Enhanced Learning


Technology is not the solution to enhance learning? I’ve been exploring the fusion of technology, creativity and learning for two decades. From my early programming years, through machine learning and artificial neural networks for my thesis, to various authoring tools, online platforms and augmented reality. I’ve experimented with the rise and fall of enthusiasm for […]

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L&D Unite: Around the WORL&D in 80 Hours!

Dear Total Stranger! You don’t know me. You’ve never met me. Maybe you never will in real life. My name is Zsolt. There’s so much hate, anger, and divide out there in the world! Partly, because loud and noisy people dominate the news and air. There’s also a more peaceful world out there with people […]

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Game of Random Thrones


Welcome to Game of Random Thrones! GoT is back! In the honor of Winter coming soon, this post demonstrates how to use JavaScript to randomize your data. Business case: let’s say you have a list of character names from Game of Thrones, as well as the actor/actress who plays them. Nicely ordered, so the two […]

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The Host Has Not Yet Arrived: Multiple-Choice Sucks?

Multiple Choice Sucks I’m sure you’ve been there. Legal takes your well-crafted multiple-choice questions and adds just enough words for clarification to the correct answer to make it four lines longer than any of the distractors. Knowledge checks with four answers generally test the participant’s ability to pick their 25% chance anyway. Ideally, you would […]

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Five “Gamification” Mistakes In L&D

If you’re not sure about the difference between gamification, game-based learning, serious games, game-based assessments and mashed potatoes, please read this post first.   Five mistakes I’ve seen in L&D when it comes to “gamifying” learning: You believe that gamification is your answer to your challenges. Well, it may or may not. First, you must […]

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5 Learnaways From ATD ICE 2017 for L&D

5 Quick Learnaways from ATD ICE 2017 Resources I promised for my augmented reality escape room session are here. If you need more resources from the conference, check out JD Dillon’s FlipMag and David Kelley’s curated page. The rest is something I took away from the conference to think about: Microlearning People are eager to […]

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Going Blind?

How to make the most out of a conference? Have you ever been to a conference where some of the sessions were great wins, some okay impasses, while others felt like you just can’t beat the house? Odds are always against you when you go blind! Don’t go blind! Here’s my two cents how to make the […]

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Auto-Play Video After Scrolling In View

What is this post about? I’m building a one-stop-scroll place to store all info about my session at the ATD International Conference and Expo. Before the session, it will host the backstory and other useful, maybe somewhat hidden clues. After the session, I will also post instructions how to design and execute a session like […]

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