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How did I make the gamified video interview challenge?

Spoiler alert! If you have not yet, launch the paper-rock-scissors video interview first, before you continue reading how it was made. I’ll give you the design process as well as the major points

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Storyline: Variables, Triggers and Conditions in 2 Minutes

Absolutely short intro to Variables, Triggers and Conditions. Special thanks to Mr. Mice. Hare we go…   Share this:TwitterLinkedInFacebookGoogleLike this:Like Loading...

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Morning Coffee: JavaScript & Storyline

UPDATE (04/01/18): Source updated to Storyline 360. UPDATE: I've updated the example with some tweaks for html5. Main change: replaced True/False with a number variable using 1/0. There's something fishy

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When I ruled the world…

Have you ever been a King? A Ruler? Tremendous responsibility. Dangerously long hours and no vaca. Good perks, though. Well, play this Demo to experience the role of a Ruler if you dare to roll the dice.  In

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Keep Your Head in the Game: Advanced Storyline

  Are you an advanced Articulate Storyline user?  You probably know a lot about variables, triggers and conditions. With clever combination of these elements, you can create powerful branching e-learning

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