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JavaScript: Escape the Jungle

Articulate Storyline encourages you to be an escape artist. Some of the more complicated projects may seem like you’re in the jungle of variables, triggers and conditions. The following trick may help you escape the jungle (somewhat) faster than normal. Before we get into the how, I suggest you play the Escape Game first. This […]

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“Utilizing Gamification”

I have another accomplishment to put on my resume: “lampo di luce!” Of course, there’s a story behind it. I was honored to be included in a list of talented eLearning pros in Tom’s blog this week, 8 E-Learning Developers You Should Follow. Tom referred to me as the “zsolt of lightning” with creative ideas […]

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Technology-Enhanced Learning


Technology is not the solution to enhance learning? I’ve been exploring the fusion of technology, creativity and learning for two decades. From my early programming years, through machine learning and artificial neural networks for my thesis, to various authoring tools, online platforms and augmented reality. I’ve experimented with the rise and fall of enthusiasm for […]

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