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All About Gamification: Engage the WORL&D!

Start out with Game Thinking in mind and not with a solution in mind! What Lies Beneath? Learner engagement is one of the most elusive challenges instructional designers face daily. On the surface, it seems to be an easy problem to tackle: let’s make learning fun! The problem, however, lies beneath the surface. Literally, in […]

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Storyline Text Entry

How to capture text entry real time? I ran into a challenge recently in Storyline: I wanted the user to type in something in a text field. At the same time, disable the submit button unless the text field has some content. In other words, I wanted to force to user to type something and […]

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Engage the WORL&D!

As I was finishing up my 30 Day Brainstorming Writing challenge the other day, I realized there’s one more story left to tell. It’s about engagement. I proposed to my wife on a rainy day. That morning, with 40 other people, we got on a bus to take a trip of a lifetime. It was […]

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