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Visual Engagement: Building Animated Stories

Several people asked me about the funny, animated video clips I made about Articulate Storyline below. Behind the scenes The clips were made in GoAnimate. GoAnimate is an online application that allows you to create animated stories quickly. With a library of sets, styles, characters, props and actions, you just drag-and-drop your creativity into a story. There […]

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Introduction to the states feature in Storyline 2

This is 18 and over only! Includes habit forming behaviors such as alcohol consumption and online dating.  

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Storyline: Variables, Triggers and Conditions in 2 Minutes

Absolutely short intro to Variables, Triggers and Conditions. Special thanks to Mr. Mice. Hare we go…  

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Gamified Storyline: All Myths Must Die (#AllMythsMustDie)

Objectives The objective of this post is three-fold (but interconnected): Expose 6 myths about gamification/game-based learning and provide some clarity around them. Introduce game-design elements used in gamification/game-based learning, not just by defining them but showing them in action. Engage in Amy Jo Kim’s Action Matrix (player types) to better understand our audience. Instead of listing […]

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