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Morning Coffee: JavaScript & Storyline

UPDATE: I’ve updated the example with some tweaks for html5. Main change: replaced True/False with a number variable using 1/0. There’s something fishy sometimes with passing True/False to JavaScript in HTML5. You can use a number variable and set it to 0 for false and 1 for true. UPDATE (06/19/17): Added parseInt(). Not that brewing Java! […]

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When I ruled the world…

Have you ever been a King? A Ruler? Tremendous responsibility. Dangerously long hours and no vaca. Good perks, though. Well, play this Demo to experience the role of a Ruler if you dare to roll the dice.  In a previous post (Advanced Storyline) we’ve looked at the idea of using a mini-game within Storyline. Here’s a […]

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June is Debunk Learning Styles Month

Small contribution to the Debunk Learning Styles Month effort…

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