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"Humans are engaged when their mind is challenged, not when they have to move their mouse."

Speaking with Lisa Minogue-White on 5 Design Steps on Learner Engagement for Humans

Articulate 360 From A Different Angle


Articulate 360 As you probably know by now, Articulate has released Articulate 360 this week. There’s lots of great articles already on new features in Storyline, the template library, the review tool, etc. What I wanted to do is approach the release from a different angle (although, 360 kind of covers all angles). From L&D […]

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How to beat the odds at DevLearn?

 { GO BLIND } How to make the most out of a conference? Have you ever been to a conference where some of the sessions were great wins, some okay impasses, while others felt like you just can’t beat the house? Odds are always against you when you go blind! Here’s my two cents how to make […]

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JavaScript & Storyline Two-Way Communication via iFrame

Why would I need to know about IFrames? In a previous post, we looked at how to use JavaScript to access or change Articulate Storyline variables from JavaScript. Here’s a practical example of that functionality. In my DevLearn session, we find ourselves in a story. This is Uncle Tomsday’s ship. Some of the items are stolen […]

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DevLearn Experiment: how to speak xAPI?

I have the honor to “speak” (which is a word I dislike, btw) at the eLearning Guild’s DevLearn conference (Nov 16-18, Las Vegas, NV). My session is Busting the Myths Around Gamification. We’ll discuss questions like these. First of all, my argument is not to do gamification for learning. Start with Game Thinking in mind. An […]

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“How do I tell my boss that gamification is not a good idea?”

and other good questions from Learning and Development… I recently returned from Orange County, CA, where I had the pleasure to work with the ATD OC chapter on shedding some lights on Game Thinking in L&D. During the Tapas, Wine and Gamify networking event, I had an enthusiastic audience asking all kinds of questions about […]

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Cool Beans! Design Your Own Tabletop Game!

What’s Cool Beans!? Cool Beans! is a table top game for instructional designers who are just testing the waters of game thinking. Whether you design gamification (with the goal of motivating people to do behavioral change) or game-based learning (where you learn while playing a game) or a game-based assessment (where you assess existing knowledge […]

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Gamification is Not About Points, Badges and Leaderboards

Gamification is not about points, badges and leaderboards. Not even about engaging game mechanics or extraordinary games. It’s about people. Ordinary people, trying their best. It’s about motivating ordinary people to do extraordinary things in life. One of the common mistakes instructional designers make early in their gamification experience is focusing on game mechanics over […]

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All About Gamification: Engage the WORL&D!

Start out with Game Thinking in mind and not with a solution in mind! What Lies Beneath? Learner engagement is one of the most elusive challenges instructional designers face daily. On the surface, it seems to be an easy problem to tackle: let’s make learning fun! The problem, however, lies beneath the surface. Literally, in […]

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Storyline Text Entry

How to capture text entry real time? I ran into a challenge recently in Storyline: I wanted the user to type in something in a text field. At the same time, disable the submit button unless the text field has some content. In other words, I wanted to force to user to type something and […]

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