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HODOR: the Secret Elearning Formula


[Originally posted on LinkedIn] Here’s the super-secret HODOR formula of how to calculate the optimal length of an elearning course: The Executive: “What’s an elearning course? Oh, I don’t do those but make sure we cover the three pillars of cones the company values, and tell them we have an open door policy here. Just […]

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Gamification of Learning: Time to Forget About Slides

“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” –Nathaniel Hawthorne Book Time A book has pages. You read pages in a consecutive order. You advance by flipping. It’s a page-turner. Each page takes you a certain amount of time to read. Adding up all that time gives you the total time you spent on […]

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Shortest Blog on Gamification of Learning

What’s the business problem? (define) What’s the business goal? How do you know when it’s achieved? (measure of success) What should people DO to achieve that result? (desired behavior) What holds them back from doing that today? What are the obstacalities? (performance barriers) If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it probably won’t matter whether […]

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5 Storytelling Mistakes


Lessons Learned I wrote my first feature screenplay 16 years ago. It took only three months. To write. And then ten years to forget. That’s how bad it was. Along the sixteen years, I learned some lessons and improved my skills. With my second screenplay, Waltzing Kingdoms, I was a finalist at an international writing […]

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