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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2016

JavaScript Challenge: Millennial Aquarium

What’s a Millennial Aquarium? What’s your digital native score? This is my eLearning Heroes entry for using Storyline with JavaScript. The Millennial Aquarium is the most distracting multiple

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How I Failed at ATD ICE 2016

“In the L&D ATD ICE system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important, groups: the presenters, who instigate learning; and the participants, who prosecute bad learning.

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James Bound and the Secrets of L&D/Jamification Leaders

DON’T BE INTIMIDATED BY THE RAVEN Are you heading to ATD ICE in Denver this week? Get ready to learn some strange facts about current and past presenters, L&D industry leaders and jamification

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Story, Story, Story at Location, Location, Location

Playing Around With nawmalMAKE After a couple of hours with nawmalMAKE, a 3D animation software, I created two quick pieces to share. The first one is a #JamesBound teaser for the ATD ICE conference in

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Hook them! JavaScript and Storyline to engage learners!

If you build, they come… If that’s not the case, you must do something about motivating people to go to your course. One creative way to do that is the following: Business Problem: Let’s

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