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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2016

Prototype Challenge

CHALLENGE: Out of Compliance Issue CHALLENGE FOR INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS/DEVELOPERS (practicing variables, triggers and conditions) Business problem: Little Bunny FooFoo’s in-forest behavior is hostile

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Just Another Day in Storyline Parallel

Example of Using Parallel Effect (and markers) in Storyline What you need: Slider 1: picture in the background (city and sky) Slider 2: picture in the front (houses) Slider 3: dragging the “day” Slider

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Storyline Variables for Non Coders

“I’m not a coder. What’s a variable and who really pulled the trigger?” First, check out these two-minute clips to have an idea on variables: Why using a variable? Images, characters,

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Gamification of Learning: Am I the Only Idiot here?

Seriously, I’ve been reading articles after articles that start out like that: “Gamification is not about playing games.” Then they go on with game design, game elements, even examples

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