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Gamification of Learning: Am I using the timer correctly?

How do you feel about completing a task under time pressure? If there’s one single topic I get asked most about gamifying e-learning is this one: the timer. The story usually goes like this: THE DESIGN Based on an extensive “5 things you can do to engage learners” Google research, leadership decides that from now on, every e-learning […]

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Whimsical Stories: Work Out Loud

Working out loud on whimsicability… What I learned last year from David Anderson, Melissa Milloway and Jane Bozarth, is that you never know what people find interesting, useful or even funny. Unless you show your work. Well, it started almost a year ago… I was experimenting with with GoAnimate to see how we could use “rapid” animation […]

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Gamified Gamification: All Myths Must Die 2

Last year, I started a Work Out Loud (actually Tweak Out Loud) project: a gamified Storyline elearning that addresses common myths about gamification/game-based learning. I’ve learned a lot since the first edition, so here comes Gamification of Thrones v2 It’s still not complete, but in the spirit of working out loud, you may find the […]

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