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How did I make the gamified video interview challenge?

Spoiler alert! If you have not yet, launch the paper-rock-scissors video interview first, before you continue reading how it was made. I’ll give you the design process as well as the major points of development. You may decide which part you’re interested in but I’d suggest going through the design first, and then the development. Coincidentally, […]

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Intro to Layers in Articulate Storyline

This is about a dude named Fred. Fred is “dillusional”, an extreme case of delusion on the baselayer. He needs intervention. Funny intro to layers in 3 minutes.

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Video Interview with Zsolt Olah: HR-appropriate-strip-rock-paper-scissors-style

  Articulate Storyline eLearning Heroes Weekly Challenge This is all David Anderson’s (@elearning) fault! He challenged me to put together a gamified video interview for their weekly challenge. Well,  here it is. I would call it an HR-appropriate-strip-RPS game style interview. I used artificial intelligence in the game, so you have no chance to beat […]

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